Tips for fleet managers – Telematics systems

August 7, 2015

Telematics systems – what you need to know For many businesses, their fleet of vehicles will be one of their biggest regular expenses. That’s why small savings on the cost of running your fleet can make such a major difference to your bottom line. In this week’s roundup of tips for fleet managers we’ll be [...]

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Fleet Management Savings – Saving money on your fleet budget

June 18, 2015

Fleet management savings – 3 strategies   Many company managers are increasingly under pressure to reduce costs and deliver savings. For companies operating large fleets of vehicles even fairly minor fleet management savings can make a huge difference to the bottom line over many years. In  this article we’ll cover some of the biggest fleet [...]

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How Fleet Management software can improve productivity

August 28, 2013

    Productivity and Fleet Management   Fleet management software has improved by huge amounts over the last few years, and companies are harnessing the improvements in the software to improve and increase productivity. Recognize and change wasteful practices The software keeps a track of regular journeys and fuel efficiency. It can alert Fleet Managers [...]

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Do You Have Trackers Installed In Your Company Cars?

August 30, 2011

Do the Company Cars in your Fleet have a tracker installed? This article from Automotive Industry Digest gives out some interesting statistics. THE first half of 2011 saw Tracker recover nearly £7.5 million worth of stolen cars Resulting in 64 arrests across the UK. Whilst less than half of reported stolen cars are ever recovered [...]

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