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Fleet News : Dramatic fall in company car usage and fleet mileages

January 15, 2013

Fleet News reports on how company car usage has “fallen dramatically” - why is this? It seems technology continues to provide an alternative to traditional face-to-face meetings, and so less reason for the sales team to get in their cars and drive to a meeting! Reports from the RAC Foundation and the Government’s National Travel Survey [...]

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Running a Fleet of Company Cars – Just how bad are our roads?

December 29, 2011

Is the state of our roads damaging our company fleets?   Three recent news stories have thrown the state of Britain’s roads and the effect that they have on cars into focus. Firstly, a report from the National Audit Office states that roads to ‘deteriorate’ as Government cuts maintenance budget  There is now a risk that [...]

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Running a Fleet – How do you save money?

December 28, 2011

How to save money running a company vehicle fleet     With company budgets tightening yet running costs still going up, Fleet Managers are looking at all possible options to save money on company car operating costs from their bottom line.  How can this be done? Tyre Usage. Making sure that tyres are at the [...]

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Less well off are walking away from their cars – is this affecting you as a business?

November 18, 2011

Are you getting lowest prices on running your fleet? Interesting article, although not entirely surprising, over on on how rising costs across car ownership are affecting those who can afford to own a car – is this affecting you as a business with your fleet? Clearly, the increasing cost of motor tax, especially on [...]

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