Risk Management

Company Car Management – Are you running risks?

March 25, 2015

  Company car management – What are the risks? Company cars can be a legal minefield. Many companies end up operating fleets of company cars without understanding the legal obligation this places upon them. Even if you’re just sending staff from one office to another it’s critical to know what risks you could be facing [...]

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Grey Fleet Risk Management – comply with business duty of care

June 27, 2014

Grey fleet risk management If a car is driven for business, no matter if it is owned by the business or not, then the employer has responsibility. Health and safety and duty of care regulations still apply. Whether a company fleet is looked after by a Fleet Manager, HR, or the Financial Director, they will [...]

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Driver Safety Policy for Company Vehicle Drivers – is yours up to date?

May 23, 2014

Your driver safety policy All fleet managers running a fleet know that an effective driver safety policy has to be put in place. Not only will it guide company vehicle drivers to safe practices and good driving habits, it protects the employer in terms of compliance. From The Health and Safety Executive; “Employers have duties [...]

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Fleet Management Career – how do you get a job as a Fleet Manager?

April 2, 2013

Car Fleet Manager Jobs A car fleet manager is responsible for running a company’s fleet of vehicles . They deal with the day-to-day operation of the fleet. This can range from a small number of cars to a large group of different vehicles including vans, trucks and even bikes. For those who have good organisational skills, [...]

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Fleet Management and Company Car Issues -Winter Is Coming

October 14, 2011

Make sure that your company car fleet is ready for winter   Not wanting to come over all Ned Stark* about it, but Winter Is Coming. Companies and individuals are making preparations already, as this article from Automotive Industry Digest illustrates   VALUES of 4×4 vehicles have already started to rise and will climb further as winter [...]

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Fleet Management Expert – Getting Your Cars Ready for Winter

September 21, 2011

Fleet Management : Keep Your Cars on the Road in Winter   Remember last December and this January?  Horrific winter conditions meant drivers were stranded miles from home and 15 minute journeys were taking 3 hours. John Lewis even let customers stay the night in their bed department conditions were so bad.  Some bus companies [...]

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How do you assess Risk Management for your Company Cars?

July 28, 2011

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) requires employers to make sure that the Health and Safety of all employees is safeguarded while at work.  This not only applies to office based employees, but also to all employees on the road. There is also a responsibility to ensure that others are not put at [...]

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