Fleet Managers warned on used car sales

February 7, 2013

    Used car sales hit   Fleet managers have been warned of a possible used car sales hit – signs of a downwards price move on used cars, caused by the buoyancy of current new car sales is reported by  FleetWorld The SMMT’s latest figures reveal that UK car sales rose by 11.5% in [...]

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Fleet Managers – Do You have a Technology Policy for your Fleet? Who wipes the company car memory??

July 9, 2012

Technology Policy for Company Fleet Cars   As fleet managers, do you have a Technology Policy for your company fleet? In days past, when drivers handed back company cars it was easy. Empty the glovebox and boot and check all the sidepockets are clear and that nothing had fallen down the sides of the seats [...]

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Fleet Managers: Petrol Prices and Fuel Duty – How are fuel prices affecting your business?

May 24, 2012

Company fleets petrol prices and fuel duty     Fuel – it’s in the headlines every day it seems. Petrol prices, strikes, fuel duty, we just can’t get enough. With new stories released every day its hard to keep up. As company car drivers and fleet managers its a topic you need to keep on top of! [...]

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Fleet Managers: Company vehicles under attack from scrap metal thieves

May 18, 2012

Company vehicles & Scrap metal thieves     Company vehicles are being targeted by scrap metal thieves for their catalytic converters as the value of platinum, palladium and rhodium increases and the economic downturn turns more people to crime. A national insurance broker is warning fleet businesses to take care as a great rise in the crime [...]

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