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Fleet safety: Are you safe from car hacking?

August 25, 2015

Fleet safety: security researchers hack a car We’ve all seen those scenes in the movies where someone sits in front of their laptop with tonnes of code flying across the screen at an alarming rate as they hack to code for some highly important IT system. Well that may well become an all too familiar [...]

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Fleet Management News Roundup – July

July 13, 2015

Fleet management news – Summer edition It’s hard to believe that we’re already half way through 2015! The sun is shining and it finally feels like Summer could be here to stay for a few weeks. The motoring world doesn’t take a holiday so we’ve still got plenty of fleet management news to bring you. [...]

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How much are potholes costing fleet managers?

July 2, 2015

Potholes – the bane of every fleet manager? Here’s a no brainer; hitting a pothole can damage your vehicle. Big time. An analysis of RAC breakdowns has shown that potholes are more of a problem to British drivers than ever. If your vehicle hits a deep enough pothole in the road, anything from steering system misalignment [...]

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Do your company car drivers chose speed over safety?

June 24, 2015

 Company car drivers speeding?   As a fleet manager do you ever wonder how safely your company car drivers are driving? Whether they ever check if their brake lights are out or if they stick to the speed limit? Unfortunately, recent reports suggest that one in four crashes on UK roads involve a business driver, most likely due [...]

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Fleet Management Savings – Saving money on your fleet budget

June 18, 2015

Fleet management savings – 3 strategies   Many company managers are increasingly under pressure to reduce costs and deliver savings. For companies operating large fleets of vehicles even fairly minor fleet management savings can make a huge difference to the bottom line over many years. In  this article we’ll cover some of the biggest fleet [...]

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The new BMW X1 – Will it make it into your fleet?

June 2, 2015

Will the BMW X1 be in your fleet? BMW have released details of their upcoming new and improved X1 and it sure does look impressive. This latest BMW X1 takes on a more rugged appearance than the model it replaces. There are many notable feature changes including its bolder front end and face-lifted headlights, LED daytime [...]

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Fleet Management News – Driverless cars

May 26, 2015

Fleet management news – The Driverless Revolution If the first five years of the decade are any guide the two big trends in fleet management news for the next five years will be electric cars and driverless vehicles. We’ve covered the potential, prospects and pitfalls of electric vehicles before on this blog. In October we [...]

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Fleet management breakdown : recovery fleet management

May 6, 2015

  Safety first – motorway driving   Six out of ten deaths on motorways involve a stationary vehicle. It seems breaking down on the motorway comes with a health warning. In the event of a breakdown, it can be hard, and often dangerous, to stop, especially if you happen to breakdown on a SMART motorway. [...]

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End of Q1 – Fleet management roundup

April 13, 2015

  Fleet management – What caught our eye in Q1! We always keep up to date with the latest in fleet management software for our fleet manager readers. We’ve written about various topics in the first quarter of the year, ranging from company car management, The New York Motor Show, reducing fleet costs, business contract [...]

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UK Car News 2015 – February round up for Fleet Managers

February 17, 2015

    Here’s our round up of January’s UK car news – the easiest way for those involved in Fleet Management in the UK to catch up with the latest stories… UK Car News 2015: Driverless Vehicles are Coming There has been a lot of talk about driverless vehicles in the last couple of months [...]

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