March 2015

Fleet Managers : Review of Hyundai Genesis

March 30, 2015

Hyundai Genesis – For fleets? The Genesis is one of Hyundai’s luxury sedans and also an expensive one with a price of around £50,000. For some fleet managers,  that price is an instant deterrent, but have no fear as they offer a 3.8L 311 hp V6 GDI engine alternative to the 5.0L 420 hp V8 GDI engine. [...]

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Company Car Management – Are you running risks?

March 25, 2015

  Company car management – What are the risks? Company cars can be a legal minefield. Many companies end up operating fleets of company cars without understanding the legal obligation this places upon them. Even if you’re just sending staff from one office to another it’s critical to know what risks you could be facing [...]

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New York Motor Show 2015: What to expect from the show

March 13, 2015

  New York Motor Show 2015: Preview The New York motor show takes place from 1-14 April New car releases from the likes of McLaren, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar will be revealed at New York motor show 2015. Will you be penciling the event into your calendar? It looks like it’s going to be a event you won’t want to miss if you’re a [...]

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Fleet management – could your drivers take some driving tips from Hamilton?

March 4, 2015

  Driving tips from Hamilton…Surely not?   So you have fleet car drivers and F1 Drivers. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum, right? Wrong, actually. OK, so now you’re probably wondering what possible similarity there could possibly be between the two. Let’s take the number one driver for Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton. His performance in the Formula [...]

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