October 2013

Drivers : £8.3 million to tackle congestion in Birmingham

October 27, 2013

    Tackling Traffic Congestion   Work can now start on vital improvements to the road layout of the A452 Chester Road in Birmingham after receiving final approval from Transport Minister Baroness Kramer. Work is needed to tackle congestion on this regionally strategic route; improve traffic flow and improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Improving [...]

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The Best Car Adverts Over The Years – Volkswagen “Changes” and “Casino”

October 20, 2013

    Best Car Adverts   Another car ad that definitely deserves its place on the “Best Car Adverts” list is the BMP (now adam&eveDDB) produced advert for Volkswagen “Changes”.  This classic car advert not only defined a brand, it defined how people now see the decade. Volkswagen Golf Advert The 80s is remembered for [...]

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Fleet Management – The worst driving habits and what to do about them.

October 14, 2013

Worst driving habits   The more years that we have driven for, the more bad habits that we pick up – so what are the worst driving habits and what can you do about them?  As a fleet manager, are any of these a problem among your fleet drivers? Steering wheel grip It looks like [...]

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The best car adverts over the years – Audi “Evolution/Revolution”

October 8, 2013

Best Car Adverts     When it comes to Best Car Adverts, the Audi Evolution/Revolution advert for the R8 is one of those great car adverts that grabs your attention – even if you aren’t really paying attention to the television. As soon as that engine kicks in, whatever you are doing you can’t help but [...]

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