June 2012

Fleet Managers: The Most Economical Company Cars on Sale

June 28, 2012

Which are the most economical cars for your company fleet?   Are you a fleet manager looking to invest in some new vehicles? Which cars the most economical on sale at the moment? We’ve found an article on the Telegraph that shares that very imformation! So let’s start from the begining… 1 – Vauxhall Ampera [...]

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Fleet Managers: Are your company car drivers legal? Driving in France : The Facts

June 25, 2012

Company Car drivers driving in France: The Facts!     Are your company car drivers legal? Do your fleet drivers know that from the 1st of July it will be compulsory for all drivers to carry a breathalyser in their vehicle when driving in France?  Not only that, but it can’t just be any old breathalyser, it must be [...]

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Fleet Managers: Would you use the new Kwik-Fit TPMS service?

June 22, 2012

New gadget for Fleet Managers – TPMS     How can we save money on our company fleet? A question ringing through fleet managers minds at all times and something we constantly think about at RunYourFleet. Kwik-fit have come up with another solution to this question with their new TPMS service. A service that will [...]

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Fleet Managers: Do your company car drivers chose speed over safety?

June 20, 2012

Company car drivers speeding?     As a fleet manager do you ever wonder how safely your company car drivers are driving? Whether they ever check if their brake lights are out or if they stick to the speed limit? Unfortunately for fleet managers RAC has recently reported that nearly nine in ten (87%) company car drivers [...]

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RunYourFleet’s Favourite Cars from the films: Top 5!

June 15, 2012

F avourite car from the movies?   Everyone loves a good movie and everyone loves a good car, so here’s RunYourFleet’s favourite cars from the movies 1. Herbie – The Volkswagen Beetle How could you not adore this loveable little car? Featured in several Disney movies this car won our hearts from the moment we saw [...]

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Company Car Insurance – Have your company car drivers still got their no-claims?

June 11, 2012

Have you ever been hit by an uninsured driver?      Car insurance – two words we love to hate. But for once we’ve actually got some good news on the subject. Having a car crash can be stressful enough, let alone getting hit by an uninsured driver. So now a selection of insurers have decided [...]

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Is an 80mph speed limit on the motorways a risky business? Good or Bad for company car drivers?

June 8, 2012

Company cars could be racing down the motorway at 80mph     Will we ever see our company cars racing down the motorway at 80mph? The idea was introduced in the autumn of 2011 and plans for the motorway speed limit to be raised are still being considered by the Government. There’s no denying as [...]

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Cannabis Cars of the future – Would you drive a coffee-powered cannabis company car?

June 6, 2012

Coffee-Powered Cannabis Cars – Company Car of the Future?     With resources running low scientists and experts are under pressure to find new ways to power our automotive demands. Coffee-powered cannabis cars are their latest idea. It sounds crazy so who knows, it may just work? As company car drivers the thought of running [...]

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Fleet Managers: Shocking UK Driving Statistics – Does this apply to your fleet?

June 1, 2012

Is your Fleet Safe? Shocking Driving Statistics Revealed!     In the UK we like to joke about bad driving, the white van man notorious for careless driving, women drivers who take a year to park – Ha ha its all very funny. Here’s some  research about us drivers in the UK which perhaps isn’t [...]

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