March 2012

Fleet Managers – 11% of Brake Lights Broken on your company fleet?

March 31, 2012

Check Your Brake Lights!   How do you look from behind?  Not you personally of course, but your car. Recent studies have found that around 11% of drivers in the UK are driving around with a broken brake light.   You know that this makes the vehicles unfit to pass its MOT (and cars off [...]

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Fleet Managers; Here we go – Budget changes to Company Car Rates

March 29, 2012

Automotive Industry Digest have laid out the changes in Car Tax that were announced in the Budget by the Chancellor George Osborne The changes are as follows: The appropriate percentage of list price subject to tax will increase by one percentage point for cars emitting more than 75 g/km of carbon dioxide, to a maximum of 35% [...]

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Fleet News Awards – Thank you!

March 27, 2012

2012 Fleet News Awards We were all suited and booted for the 2012 Fleet News Awards last week at London’s Grosvenor Hotel and what a night it was!  The RunYourFleet service was nominated for the Best New Product or Service category, so we were all as proud as punch about that!   In the end, we didn’t win [...]

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Fleet Management – RunYourFleet Facebook Digest

March 15, 2012

Facebook News Stories   Have you seen the RunYourFleet Facebook page? Here’s a quick rundown on some  of the stories that we have featured this week. Volvo have fitted the world’s first pedestrian airbag (via Autoblog) As safety experts point out, the idea that an impact by itself kills people is a slight misconception. The critical factor [...]

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Fleet Management Digest – News and Stories from the Automotive Industry

March 9, 2012

Stories from the RunYourFleet Blog     Have you missed any stories from our RunYourFleet Blog ? We’re going to give you a quick digest of the latest news from us here in one place – ideal for busy Fleet Managers! First, of course, has to be the news from the Fleet News Awards that [...]

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Fleet Management Issues – Shock rise in Price of Diesel “A Disaster For Motorists”

March 1, 2012

More Fuel Price Rises On Way   The Retail Motor Industry has commented on the news that diesel prices are at an all-time high at 143.05p a litre, calling the rises “a disaster for motorists”. The AA is calling for the Chancellor to investigate the fuel market and also wants the planned rise in August [...]

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