October 2011

Complementary RAC Breakdown Cover – how does that work??

October 27, 2011

It might seem to good to be true – but here’s Karl Smith of Technique Print in Banbury, one of our happy customers, talking about our complementary RAC Breakdown assistance for fleets and company cars: Cheapest RAC Breakdown cover available? When you’re running a company car fleet, one of your biggest costs can be breakdown [...]

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Electric Dreams – Adventures in Our Electric Car : Learning The Language

October 26, 2011

Another entry in our series “Electric Dreams”, our electric car blog; by Craig Pullen, our ICT and Systems Development Manager and keeper of our electric Smart Car. Throughout the Electric Car ownership experience, I have often stressed the importance of forward planning and being prepared for any eventuality. Those words were ringing in my ears [...]

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Fleet Management – How to REALLY save money and save time : Free advice & tips

October 18, 2011

Saving Money and Time on Fleet Management and Company Cars   Here at RunYourCars we have a Mission Statement guiding us in all that we do. In an effort to explain more fully to those of us who don’t know us, we’ve picked out two relevant points to expand upon.   Portfolio Bring to the [...]

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Fleet Management and Company Car issues – When that Smartphone is invaluable!

October 17, 2011

  Car Insurance Tips   We talked recently on the blog about Mobile Phone Addiction when driving but there are some cases when mobile phones are invaluable; when you have an accident for instance. Recently one of the team was hit on a garage forecourt and although shaken, the process was made easier by the use [...]

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Fleet Management and Company Car Issues -Winter Is Coming

October 14, 2011

Make sure that your company car fleet is ready for winter   Not wanting to come over all Ned Stark* about it, but Winter Is Coming. Companies and individuals are making preparations already, as this article from Automotive Industry Digest illustrates   VALUES of 4×4 vehicles have already started to rise and will climb further as winter [...]

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What makes a Formula One Champion?

October 12, 2011

Formula One Champions – A Different Class?   What makes a champion?  Is it practice, or mindset, or will and determination? We love this infographic that Carbuzz put together on what makes up a Formula One World Champion. So if you are British, in your mid-20s, with a rich dad who also raced and you first started racing in [...]

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Fleet Management and Company Cars – Steve Whitmarsh talks about saving money on company car services and maintenance

October 6, 2011

Changing Times in Fleet Management The world of fleet and vehicle management is changing all around us. In order for businesses to develop, cut costs and remain compliant with changing legislation, we must look ahead, understand the changes and trends that will shape business in the future and remain agile enough to meet these challenges. [...]

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Fleet Management and Company Car issues – Mobile Phone Addiction whilst Driving!

October 4, 2011

Does Driving and Texting at the same time affect your Company Car Drivers?   A very interesting article from Automotive Industry Digest on Mobile Phone Addiction and driving A NEW survey has revealed that nearly three in 10 drivers (28%) texts at the wheel and one in 13 (8%) do so at least once a [...]

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Fleet Management and Company Cars – Helping you to boost efficiency

October 3, 2011

Fleet Management Services Making a Difference to Your Company   How can outsourcing your fleet management improve efficiency not just for the drivers but for fleet managers or HR staff busily trying to juggle the needs of a modern company car fleet? An online fleet management system can manage the histories of all the vehicles, make sure [...]

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