September 2011

Fleet Managers & Company Car Drivers : Your chance to win a Prize feted by Many but won by Few.

September 27, 2011

Ah, Ancient Rome. The grandeur, the culture, the massive sense of entitlement of the Ancient Romans. To prove their mastery over all they surveyed, the great Caesars would hold chariot races.  From all over the Empire, charioteers would come to the Circus Maximus, eager to prove their dominion in those vast arenas of dust, noise [...]

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Fleet Management & Company Car Services – Visit us on Facebook!

September 27, 2011

Great Content and Car News Stories directly to your Facebook Wall!   Have you visited RunYourCars on Facebook? It’s where we post interesting stories from all over the web that have caught our eye.  It’s regularly updated – although don’t worry, not so much as to flood your wall : only ever 1 or 2 [...]

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Operating Your Company Car Fleet – How Clean Is Your Car?

September 26, 2011

  Car maintenance is important – inside and out!   I’m going to start with a little tale. We’ll call it cautionary to protect my blushes. I used to live in Tokyo and would come back to the UK every summer. The day before we returned to the UK I’d picked up my daughter from [...]

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Running Company Car Fleets – What Is Online Fleet Management?

September 24, 2011

Here at RunYourCars we offer a comprehensive Fleet Management System. It sounds great, but what does it actually mean?   Making Life Easy For The Fleet Manager The fleet administrator can use the on-line Fleet Management System to carry out a host of functions including the following: Add vehicles Delete vehicles Manage vehicle histories Upload [...]

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Fleet Management Expert – Getting Your Cars Ready for Winter

September 21, 2011

Fleet Management : Keep Your Cars on the Road in Winter   Remember last December and this January?  Horrific winter conditions meant drivers were stranded miles from home and 15 minute journeys were taking 3 hours. John Lewis even let customers stay the night in their bed department conditions were so bad.  Some bus companies [...]

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Fleet Managers – Save Money on Contract Hire and Leasing

September 20, 2011

  Fleet Management To Suit You   Run Your Cars are able to offer a choice of funding methods to ensure you can buy or lease your company vehicles in a way that works for your business.  We have direct access to contract hire and finance lease funding, and are able to search the market [...]

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Operating a Company Car Fleet – Can You Run Your Fleet More Efficiently?

September 15, 2011

  How can you save money on running your company cars?   Once you have joined and are making savings on tyres, breakdown services, windscreens and servicing there are still other ways that you can reduce your costs. Expert advice on fleet management Are you running your fleet at maximum efficiency? Make sure that your [...]

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Amazing James Bond Cars Infographic : Which is your favourite?

September 14, 2011

Do you have a working scroll button and ten minutes to spare? Good.  Arm yourself with your drink of choice (we won’t quote the martini line, but if that’s what you want then go for it!) and enjoy this gorgeous infographic from the folks at CarBuzz.  We won’t ask you to pick a favourite, just [...]

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That indefinable “something” about a car : What do you love about the car you drive?

September 13, 2011

Whether it’s a company car, a hire car or a personal car; if it’s part of a fleet or your pride and joy purchase, the car you drive has that “something”. True, you’ll look at all the statistics and take it for a test drive. When you’ve narrowed your choice down between two or three [...]

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Can you save money on fleet management with a groupon-style buying scheme?

September 12, 2011

With a question like that as the title, we have only one answer – YES!   Save Money On Your Company Cars   For just £5 (+VAT) per vehicle per month, Run Your Cars membership gives you FREE RAC breakdown and accident management services Cashflow friendly payment terms and innovative Easy to use management tools [...]

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